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We’ve been touched with the incredible healing stories coming from our ReCoders. We just wanted to share a few with you so you can hear directly from those who have gone through the program and changed the course of their lives.

Adrenal ReCode Testimonials

“After a decade on antidepressants, I am so proud to say I am not on ANY prescription medications and feel happier than I have in my entire life all because of Christa and The Whole Journey!” – Lora K.

“I came to The Whole Journey suffering from adrenal fatigue, candidiasis, and severe food sensitivities. Christa’s incredible protocols have enabled me to reverse DECADES worth of damage.” – Erica L.

“After just six months of working The Adrenal ReCode process, my energy levels are consistent, my hair and nails strong and healthy, and most importantly my hormone levels were almost completely back to normal using FOOD alone!” – Emily

“Within a week I had energy. I started sleeping, deeply. I learned how to eat for the rest of my life so my body would be in balance. My body started burning some fat instead of storing it. But not only did this process help me with nutrition, it helped me with life skills, growth and taught me how to put myself first when I need to. This has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself, my life, my relationship. I cannot possibly recommend this work enough – it is worth soooo much more than the cost.” – Tessa

“I have to share I’m also expecting an Adrenal ReCode baby!! We’ve been trying to conceive our second child for over a year and this was exactly what my body needed to reboot. My life has been changed by this program in endless ways I will keep with me forever.” – Anna D.

Success Stories

“Magic happened from that webinar and Module 7 as the very next morning I was CLEAR, DETACHED and VERY CALM about letting go of the toxic person that had seemed to have a lock hold on my heart for so long. I’m feeling really empowered, humble, grateful and happy. I’m reading my Modules 5-7 materials, journaling, and finally being able to really have forgiveness for myself and others from afar. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you and your team.”

– Maryann

“The biggest difference I’ve seen with the program is listening to my body and meeting it where it is. Understanding what it’s trying to tell me and working with it vs against it (even if that means less intense workouts, more walks and eating a small breakfast when I’m not that hungry.) The breath work has also been life-changing for me. It’s so simple yet so underrated. Read more…


“I wanted to share my biggest success from the Adrenal ReCode! I joined the program to prepare my body for having a baby. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 months. This week, I just found out that I am pregnant for the first time!!! My body was finally able to relax so my reproductive system could work again:). I am forever grateful for this program!!!”


“To be brutally honest, I joined the Adrenal ReCode out of sheer desperation. I was drawn to Christa’s work because everything she mentioned in an online summit resonated with my exact situation. I felt understood and believed she knew what I and many others were going through.”
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“The biggest lesson in this whole program for me…as a perfectionist/overachiever my whole life… has been the permission to slow down and “meet myself where I’m at”…at a severely compromised nervous system state. And to celebrate the 4-5 things I get done in a day, instead of the usual 50+ things in a day. Such huge growth for me THERE”
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“What I most like about the AR as a program is that Christa combined the physical with the emotional pieces to whole body and mind healing. The in-depth and vast researched information that she shares in everyday language makes all the scientifically supported facts become personal and life-applicable.”
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“I used to pop l-theanine like candy and other calming herbs – really relying on them to stay calm and manage anxiety and stress. I realized I hadn’t taken any of those things for weeks without a second thought!! I still have a long way to go, but I have come SO far with everything — diet, really living in a parasympathetic state for the first time in my life AND doing so consistently, and making huge strides in the emotional work. Experiencing really intense, but wonderfully positive and profound emotional and spiritual transformations.”


Watch These Amazing Success Stories

Danielle’s Story
An Alabama mom of 3 littles was utterly exhausted from the stress of years of pregnancy and nursing and worried she wouldn’t be able to conceive again.
Nancy’s Story
A 50-year-old mom of four, business owner, and athlete and beat massive gut problems, insomnia, weight gain, hair loss, anxiety, and depression.
Robin’s Story
A 55-year-old teacher and mom of two. Get inspired to see how she overcame Hashimoto's, Lupus, and Scleroderma.

The Survey Says…


This Survey comes straight from our ReCoders who completed the program. When surveyed, we asked them which areas they saw the most improvement in and here’s what they said:



  • I’m not controlled by my emotions anymore
  • A new sense of calm
  • Sleep better
  • Less stress
  • Balanced in meals, no more sugar cravings
  • How to eat in ways that gave my body the fuel it needed
  • Energy levels are way up
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar are in normal ranges again
  • I have an entirely new way of relating to my eating, emotions, and relationships
  • Nervous system calmed by nutrition
  • What foods work best for me
  • Tools for emotional healing & breakthrough
  • I love that I have the tools to help myself for the rest of my life that can be done when I have time and in my own home. I can revisit the tools given for the rest of my life.

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