Are you living in a constant state of 
stress, anxiety, exhaustion and/or insomnia?

We have the perfect long-lasting solution!

Stop living off stress hormones. Start living in balance.

When you’ve been living off of stress hormones, you may experience any of the following chronic symptoms:

  • Living In a Fearful, Overwhelmed, or
    ‘Stressed-Out’ State
  • Lasting Anxiety, Heart Palpitations, or Depression
  • Brain Fog and Memory Issues
  • Trouble Falling Asleep or Regularly Wake Up
    Between 1 – 4 am
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Gain Weight or Can’t Lose It (even with the addition of “dieting” and exercise)
  • Fear and Worry Are Always Nagging You
  • Hanger (irritable when hungry)
  • Feel Edgy or Nervous For No Good Reason
  • Low Energy or Exhaustion
  • Tired but Wired (inability to relax and let go)
  • Dizziness & Light-Headedness Upon Standing
  • Uncontrollable Cravings for Salt, Sugar, Caffeine, and/or Alcohol

If you regularly experience any of these symptoms, then you’ve been living off stress hormones and probably didn’t even know it.

This state shifts our biochemistry and becomes our new normal, wreaking havoc on our physical and emotional health. And, often negatively affects our relationship with friends, family, and colleagues, or life in general.

You are not alone.

80% of the population struggles with this but you don’t have to any longer.

Here’s What’s Happening In Your Body

A biochemical pattern has been created where the consistent and unnecessary release of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) has activated your sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight), which causes a negative domino effect of collateral damage to the brain, thyroid, and central nervous system.

We are only supposed to operate from our sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) when we’re in actual danger, yet we end up living (emotionally) day in and day out as if we are in constant danger. This consistent release of stress hormones desensitizes our cells to insulin (our blood sugar-regulating hormone) and therefore prevents our cells from converting the food we eat into the fuel we need to make energy. This is why we continue to feel stressed and exhausted at the same time even when the stressor has disappeared.


Sympathetic Nervous System (where 80% of us live)

Parasympathetic Nervous System (where you regularly should live)


We are collectively experiencing a cell starvation problem (even though we’re eating), which forces the body to continue to release stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) in order to compensate for the inability of your body to effectively convert food into fuel.

This explains the symptoms I mentioned before, including the weight gain, “hanger”, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, and insomnia.

We get stuck in a vicious cycle that breaks down our physical and emotional health and we must interrupt this hormonal pattern correctly and consistently to reverse the cycle and allow your cells to make energy from your food once again so that you can thrive. Interrupting this pattern will also help heal the collateral damage done to our nerve cells.

The Adrenal ReCode helps you create healthy patterns and SO much more, as you’ll see when you keep reading…

Let Us Help You Take Back Your Physical And Emotional Health

Program Testimonials

After just six months of working The Adrenal ReCode process, my energy levels are consistent, my hair and nails strong and healthy, and most importantly my hormone levels were almost completely back to normal using FOOD alone! – Emily

It sounds so cliché, but Christa Orecchio and The Whole Journey program literally changed my life. After 40+ years, I finally learned how to maintain my body weight and get really restful, regular sleep. – Carolyn Brann

I came to The Whole Journey suffering from adrenal fatigue, candidiasis, and severe food sensitivities. Christa’s incredible protocols have enabled me to reverse DECADES worth of damage. – Erica L.

I came to Christa when doctors couldn’t give me answers. Since then, she’s helped me heal from chronic constipation, low energy, adrenal fatigue and emotional struggles. Above all Christa has given me the tools to regain my fertility.” – Hayley Trokey

Christa and The Whole Journey healed my life-long thyroid issue, digestive problems, and anxiety. I have lost 30 pounds from identifying my gluten allergy, and am healing my thyroid issues naturally. I now also sleep through the night and do not feel like my health problems are holding me back from living my life. – Annie Proctor

“After a decade on antidepressants, I am so proud to say I am not on ANY prescription medications and feel happier than I have in my entire life all because of Christa and The Whole Journey!” – Lora K.

The Adrenal ReCode Program Overview

Getting Started

You’ll take our self-assessment algorithmic questionnaire backed by 30 years of clinical expertise to determine how compromised the state of your adrenals and nervous system are.

This isn’t a one-size fits all approach.

The results of this assessment allow us to customize the track you’ll follow in The Adrenal ReCode program, offering you modified meal plans, recipes, eating and lifestyle guidelines, and supplements based upon the state of your nervous system. This questionnaire saves you the cost of running expensive lab work.

Our 8-week program is broken up into 3 parts

PART 1: Setting A New Physiological Foundation

Weeks 1-4

We set the foundation for success by focusing on recoding your physical patterning. You’ll be consistently interrupting and blocking the over release of stress hormones so that you can once again feed your cells and teach them to make energy and burn energy efficiently. You’ll reinforce this new, healthy energy producing, good mood hormonal pattern over and over until your biochemistry shifts and a new, healthy hormonal pattern becomes normal and easy for your body to maintain.

We do this in The Adrenal ReCode using our proven Six-Pillar food-based clinical strategy that will heal your adrenal glands (the gas tank of the human body), thyroid (the furnace and the thermostat of the body), brain (where hormonal balance begins), and give you an entirely new, healed nervous system.

The Six Pillars


Synergistic Foods for the Nervous System, Brain, Adrenals & Thyroid

The dietary and meal recommendations in The Adrenal ReCode have been carefully selected to replenish your micronutrients (vitamins, minerals & trace minerals) that get depleted when you have been living in a compromised state. Every single food, drink, herb, spice, boost, and tea matters. Each one has a purpose for healing and works synergistically with other foods to amplify and accelerate their healing effect on each of the four systems we target: the brain, thyroid, adrenals, and nervous system.


Food Frequency to Regulate Blood Sugar

People with low adrenal and thyroid function (a.k.a. energy systems) cannot store adequate energy in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles, which means they cannot regulate blood sugar throughout the day, which means they are stuck in a chronic state of stress. Therefore, a very important step you’ll be taking in creating or restoring harmony and balance to your nervous system and the function of your adrenal and thyroid glands is to maintain your blood sugar, many of you perhaps for the first time. This is the only thing that people who live to be 100 years old have in common.


Fruit & Root Sugar to Build

By strategically eating fruit and root vegetables the way we outline, you will decrease the stress hormones in your system and increase thyroid hormone, breaking the cycle and helping you to FEEL the way you want to feel while also healing both your thyroid and adrenals.


Targeted Use of Saturated Fat to
Protect the Nervous System

We use specific types and ratios of saturated fats to heal and protect your nervous system so that it can recover from past trauma and be insulated against future trauma. Fat-soluble vitamins provide protection and rejuvenation to your nerve cells. In The Adrenal ReCode, saturated fats are used sparingly yet strategically to protect your fragile cells from any kind of toxic invasion while you are healing.


Customized Macronutrient Ratios &
Real-Time Assessments

The right ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat is necessary in order to shut off the sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) and the release of stress hormones, so you can heal the adrenals, nourish the thyroid, and support the brain. We’ll help you discover your unique macronutrient ratio based upon your body’s own feedback system which provides a real-time, meal-to-meal assessment of whether your food is working for or against you.


Using the Breath and Movement to
Control & Heal the Nervous System

The breath is the remote control of the brain and the nervous system. It’s one of your best tools and it’s always with you. Oxygen is food for your cells and also a great detoxifier. Those of us in adrenal fatigue and compromised thyroid function need more oxygen in order to convert our food into fuel and to create energy. We also need more help detoxifying gently and safely. The simple act of ReCoding the way you breathe as we outline will pay huge dividends on your body’s ability to make energy and thus will impact your moods, energy levels, digestion, and sense of peace, calm, and stability.

The Result

This is a complete ReCoding process that allows you to live predominantly in your parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) nervous system, so that you can feel safe, calm, clear, energetic, optimistic, and peaceful as your new normal.

It also builds physical resilience, which translates to emotional resilience the next time a major stressor/trauma comes around. You will bounce back much quicker and with less stress/trauma around whatever comes your way. This is the way nature intended for us to live.

“The first thing Jeanne had me implement was something I had never tried despite its utter simplicity, and it turned every cell of my body around within a week. I had energy. I started sleeping, deeply.  I learned how to eat for the rest of my life so my body would be in balance. My body started using energy how it was made to use it, and started burning some fat instead of storing it. But not only did this process help me with nutrition, it helped me with life skills, growth and taught me how to put myself first when I need to. Working with Jeanne has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself, my life, my relationship. I cannot possibly recommend working this work enough – it is worth soooo much more than the cost.”  – Tessa

A Few of The Adrenal ReCode Meals

PART 2: Developing Mental & Emotional Mastery

Weeks 5-7

We build on the solid new physical foundation we established in Part 1 to shift our focus to creating new emotional patterns so you don’t take a step backward into the chaotic hormonal whirlpool we’ve just spent time and energy healing the next time something stressful arises.

Our 5-Step Path to Emotional ReCoding in order to achieve emotional mastery:

  • Identifying the limiting beliefs that create this cycle
  • Examining and dismantling those limiting beliefs
  • Creating new beliefs that allow you to imagine new possibilities and move towards them
  • Releasing stored negative emotions from your body
  • Emotional Mastery: from reacting to responding

PART 3: Living The ReCode

Week 8

We teach you how to integrate everything you’ve learned from Part 1 and Part 2 to help you customize the tools we’ve given you based upon any life situation, so that you can continue your healing process and live in balance for a long time to come.

PART 3: Living The ReCode

Week 8

We teach you how to integrate everything you’ve learned from Part 1 and Part 2 to help you customize the tools we’ve given you based upon any life situation so that you can continue your healing process and live in balance for a long time to come.

The Final Outcome?

Free yourself from chronic anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, and overwhelm, so you can live in a consistent state of calm and balance.

“I was lucky enough to be a part of The Adrenal ReCode beta group! What I quickly found out within only 2 weeks of following Christa and Jeanne’s protocols was that doing this allowed me to calm down and eliminate anxiety during a crazy, pressure-filled work season. I was able to slowly add carbs back into my diet (which I hadn’t in years) which gave me the energy to get through these insanely busy times. I’m so very thankful for this path of health, mindfulness, awareness, and learning how to listen to my body while also changing my mindset.” – Jenny B.

What’s Included in the Program

6+ Hours of Video

Over 6 hours of video tutorials, transcriptions, audio MP3’s, guides, downloadable handouts, and customized supplement protocols according to your assessment results.

8 Webinars

A weekly webinar with Christa and her guests, where she will go over each module, answer questions and help you to customize your program for outstanding results.

Expert Advice

A complete plan for creating new mental and emotional patterns with the support of Christa, a highly-trained life coach, and a skilled emotional mastery coach.

5 Integrative Nutritionists

Access to 5 highly-trained clinical and integrative nutritionists to answer your specific clinical questions via email within 48 hours. You cannot get this type of customized care with any other online program.

Custom Meal Plans

Detailed, Customized Dietary Recommendations & Meal Plans with 30 years of Food as Medicine experience behind them.


Tailored supplement recommendations available through practitioners only.

4 Types of Testing

4 different types of real-time testing to avoid the cost of expensive lab work, as well as our consistent feedback to help you fine-tune the program to your unique needs.

Movement & Breath

Simple, interactive movement and breathing practices and exercises.

And So Much more

Facebook Support Group, 80-pages of recipes, ReCode sleep routine, action-driven personal growth exercises, etc...

Program Cost

8 Weeks / $597

If you worked privately with a practitioner, to get all of this, you would spend well over $5,000 in lab work and private practitioner fees. Plus, the program cost is only $597, (a $200 savings from the LIVE version) because the LIVE webinars are not currently available. You will, however, be able to watch all webinar replays and receive LIVE support via our clinical customer care team.

Payment Plans Available!

If you use Paypal, they offer a “Paypal Credit” payment option which gives you the flexibility to pay over a 6 month period with no interest. Learn more here.

About Your Program Experts

Christa Orecchio

Christa Orecchio, the founder of, has been a clinical and holistic nutritionist for 13 years. Christa’s helped thousands of people overcome adrenal fatigue & thyroid disorder using food as their medicine in order to create lasting hormonal balance and a strong nervous system. She focuses on the whole person and her mission is to help as many people as possible to first heal, and then thrive.

Christa is a sought-after speaker, TV show host, and bestselling author. Learn more about Christa and her journey here.

Jeanne Rubin

Jeanne Rubin, from East West Healing, is our primary clinical guest in The Adrenal ReCode. She has been a nutritionist helping individuals heal their nervous system, thyroid, and adrenals for the last 15 years.

She’s worked with thousands of people across the globe, educating them on how to use food as medicine, and more importantly, the degree of individualization necessary to providing a nourishing foundation for the body to heal.

Tammera Logan has been a Life Coach for over 15 years and worked for Tony Robbins for 10 years. She is dedicated to helping others heal and transform limiting beliefs and life patterns so that they can live a life aligned with their core values, passions, and unique gifts.

Kris Iselin-Bradley has been an Emotional Mastery Coach for over 20 years. She assists people on their journey to self-discovery and emotional healing and guides them along their path to truly knowing who they are on a deep level.

We all have high hopes of what life will bring.

But, what if instead of just hoping for our lives to get better we can actually make it happen?

We can.

The Adrenal ReCode program has already helped hundreds of people feel more at peace, calm, able to handle stress better and have all day energy, sleep better and achieve deep healing.

In order to do that, we have to train our biology to stop living off stress hormones by recoding our adrenals and healing the nervous system so that we can start LIVING in balance instead of just experiencing it in fleeting moments on the weekends or when we’re on vacation.

This is a groundbreaking, highly-effective and life-changing strategy. We give you the keys to the kingdom. All you have to do is use them.

“After just a few weeks on the program and with Jeanne’s expert guidance, my symptoms from gastroenterology all but disappeared. They accomplished with their recommendations what no doctor in the last 20 years had been able to do.” – Patricia

“I was suffering from depression, low self-esteem, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, brain fog, emotional swings and all round blahs about my life. It all just felt too much. I just couldn’t deal with stress and would melt down at the slightest smell of it. Fast forward 1 year and I am doing so much better. I was taught how to eat, when to eat, what to eat and gave me all the tools to continue to monitor myself. I now have my life back. I feel mentally and emotionally stable for the most part and am shocked at how well I am now able to deal with things that before would have sent me into a nose dive.” – Rosanna

Money Back Guarantee


Once you enroll, you will have 14 days to request a full refund if you feel the program is not for you.

We have limited availability and want to work with people who are truly ready to heal and will do the work necessary to implement our concepts and change their lives.

Still Not Sure?


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Stop living off stress hormones. Start living in balance.

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