80% Of Women Are Secretly Suffering From TAG DISORDER… Are You One of Them?

Take this 3-minute quiz to find out if you’re struggling with the #1 problem most Doctors don’t know about, yet 24,000 research papers link it to symptoms like: Exhaustion, Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Constipation, Bloating, Food Sensitivities, and more…

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  • Do you ever walk into a room and forget what you went in there to get or lose track of your thoughts in the middle of speaking?

  • Do you feel like you need a glass of wine or something sweet after work or a day with the kids in order to calm down or relax?

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep, wake up between 1-4 am, or wake up early with your heart pounding?

  • Do you feel a generalized sense of anxiety or doom not connected to a specific reason?

  • Do you feel easily agitated, frustrated, or on edge?

  • Do you experience gas, bloating, or trouble digesting certain foods?