MODULE 5: Lesson 3: How To Implement Webinar

What We Cover In This Webinar:

  • How to implement all the strategies from Module 5
  • Q&A with Tammera from your Memorized Self Belief Charts you filled out and the examination/inquiry you did
  • Right Accountability defined
  • The Accountability Quiz and Continuum (you bravely identified where you land on the continuum)
  • How to protect your sensitivity as an empath or highly-sensitive person
  • The Mirroring Exercises - how and when to do them
  • Daily Accountability Practice
  • Q&A with Kris, our Emotional Mastery Coach, about Accountability

ReCode Action Items:

  1. Print out the webinar handout and watch the webinar.

Key Takeaways:

  • TBD

Download The Following:

View The Webinar Replay From An Attendee's Perspective: