MODULE 2: Lesson 2: How To Implement Module 2 Webinar

What We Cover In This Webinar:

  • How to effectively implement Module 2.
  • Top 10 FAQs, including Feeling Behind (there’s no such thing!), a perspective shift of going slow to get the best results, gaining weight, avoiding weight loss, greens, foods you’re allergic to, substitutes, cancer, thyroid health, medications, what if you’re feeling worse, & how to further customize the ReCode
  • Subjective and Objective Assessment Tools - How and Why
  • How to take your body temperature and pulse and how to log
  • MANY more common questions!

ReCode Action Items:

  1. Establish your baseline with food frequency and how you feel after eating certain amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats at different times of the day.
  2. Record in your Food Log three consecutive days this week including your activity, mood, digestion, sleep, and take your temperature and pulse four times each of those days to include on the logs as well.
  3. Prep your meals each week from your Meals, Snacks, and Recipes.

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