Module 2 - Real Time Assessment Tools

Great job finishing Module 1 of the program! You should now have a good idea of what your diet and daily routine is going to be. You have ReCode foods in your kitchen that you know you can successfully eat without issues and you’re ready to implement testing how that food works for you in Module 2.

In This Module, You’ll Learn:

  • How to use your body temperature, pulse, and logs to provide an accurate assessment of what is working to support your health and what is working against it.
  • Meals you can have if you wake up with an appetite and meals you can have if you wake up without an appetite.
  • How to mix and match your meals based upon which foods you can easily digest and feel good eating.

Module 2 Lessons:

Please Note: This is a learning module. Each lesson builds on the one before it, so that you can set yourself up for success by understanding and implementing each lesson's strategy before moving onto the next module.

Let’s Begin

In Module 2 you’ll begin by downloading and reviewing the following handouts starting with The Food List Dietary Guidelines all the way through to Establishing Your Baseline.

In This Module, You’ll Learn:

Download The Following: