Module 1 - ReCode Food Strategy


Welcome to Module 1 of the program!

In This Module, You’ll Learn:

  • How to assess your physical and emotional health to hone in on the best starting point for you.
  • Which Tier you’ll be following in The Adrenal ReCode and will make food and lifestyle guidelines based upon that.
  • How to shop and eat from The ReCode Food List, begin establishing food frequency, and get yourself set up with supplements, if you will be taking them.

Module 1 Lessons:

Please Note: This is a learning module. Each lesson builds on the one before it, so that you can set yourself up for success by understanding and implementing each lesson's strategy before moving onto the next module.

Now, let's jump right into your first lesson!

MODULE 1: Lesson 1: Welcome & The Journey

What You’ll Learn In This Lesson:

  • The process you will go through in all 3 parts of The Adrenal ReCode.
  • How to best approach this process to achieve the results you desire.

ReCode Action Items:

  1. Watch all the videos, and print and read all the handouts in this module.
  2. Fill out both your Physical and Emotional Wheel Of Life.

Download The Following: