Portal Tour


Please take the Finding Your Way Around The Portal video tour and make sure to read all of the information below to familiarize yourself with our member portal and all its resources.

Demystifying Portal Terms

Member Portal: Right now you’re in the members-only program portal that holds all of the program materials, videos, downloadable handouts, audio recording, FAQs, and resources for the program. 

Navigation Bar/Menu: At the top of the portal page you’ll see a row that includes Modules, Help, Community, etc. This is called the Navigation Bar/Menu. When you click on some of the menu items you’ll see a variety of options that you can choose.

Modules & Lessons: The program is organized into consecutive learning modules and within each module, there are multiple lessons. This means that each lesson within the module builds on the one before to help you understand and implement the information and strategies you need before moving onto the next module. 

Logging App: We’ve created a food and mood online logging app that you access within the portal. You will use this app to record your food and mood information throughout the entire program.

Tickets (Internal Email): You can send a ticket (internal email) to our high-level clinical and integrative nutritionists with questions about the program 24/7 by clicking on the blue ‘Just Ask’ button located in the bottom right-hand corner of all portal pages. You will get a response within 48 hours. Please do not submit more than one ticket per 48 hours.

Copper Links: Any word(s) that are copper in color are links that when clicked will take you directly to the resource/page.

Adrenal ReCode Glossary: We’ve also created an Adrenal ReCode Glossary to keep as a reference for clinical terminology we’ll use throughout the program materials and videos. 

Now, read through the Program Overview so you'll know what to expect over the next 10-weeks and can plan accordingly.

Program Module Release Dates

Because this is a LIVE program, we’ll release one module at a time so we can adequately support you as we all take this life-changing journey together.

Part 1: Release Dates

Part 2: Release Dates

Part 3: Release Dates