PART 3 Overview: Living The Adrenal ReCode (1 Week)


Week 10

Module 8: Post ReCode Strategies For A Bright Future

Great job! You’re on the home stretch now.

We’ve interrupted the chaotic imbalanced stress hormonal cycle, have been able to consistently reverse it and re-train the body to put the rest-digest-and heal system back in the driver’s seat: the way we are naturally designed to live.

You’ve built a physical and emotional reservoir you can rely on that you’ve never had before. Something that would have registered on your “I am stressed out” scale as a 10, you will then experience as a 2 because you have built internal resilience, both physically and emotionally. 

You are able to respond, versus react and you make life choices and changes with more clarity, intention, and power: the way we are naturally designed to live.

In the last part of The Adrenal ReCode, we’ll teach you how to remove all the guesswork moving forward so you can use and accurately interpret the program’s real-time assessment tools (temperature, pulse, and logs) to consistently fine-tune your food, breathing, movement, lifestyle, supplements, and learn step 4 of customizing your macronutrients to make sure you stay in the healing zone and continue to get better and better results.