PART 2 Overview: Developing Mental & Emotional Mastery (4 Weeks)

“If you haven’t healed it, every time you think about a negative event from your past, your body produces the exact same chemicals in the body as to when it happened.  That means you relive the experience hundreds of times simply because you haven’t let it go.” ~ Unknown

Now we build on the solid new physical foundation we’ve just established and shift our focus to creating new emotional patterns so you don’t take a step backward into the chaotic hormonal whirlpool you’ve just spent time and energy healing.

We’ll use our 5-Step Journey to Emotional ReCoding to pull you out of stress, worry, and fear and into peace, clarity, and joy.

Step 1: Identifying and Examining Lifelong Limiting Beliefs

Alongside our Tony Robin’s life coach, you’ll learn what limiting beliefs are, how they’re formed, and how to identify your specific limiting beliefs that are responsible for keeping you stuck in fight-or-flight. You’ll learn how to examine and dismantle these beliefs and create new, empowering ones that support the life you desire.

Step 2: Creating The Right Accountability

Personal accountability is the belief that you are fully responsible for your own thoughts, emotions, actions, and the consequences of all three. We teach you how to achieve the right accountability and how it positively affects your health in profound ways. This is especially needed and supportive for empaths, highly sensitive people (HSPs), caretakers, and chronic over-givers.

Step 3: Releasing Trapped Negative Emotions, Presence & Forgiveness

You’ll learn from our emotional mastery coach how your emotional experiences throughout your entire life have been stored in your body and are now affecting your physical health. You will “somatically” (through the body) detox these trapped negative emotions and replace them with more empowering emotions that reflect who you are now and where you want to go. From there, we’ll teach you how to be present so that you can be peaceful, the impact of forgiveness on your physical health, and how to free yourself through our forgiveness process. 

Step 4: Establishing Healthy Boundaries & Empowerment

When we say yes when we mean no, and lend our time, energy, money, or other resources, it depletes us physically and emotionally. 

We make these decisions that ultimately harm us because of our own need for love, approval, or appreciation. 

From this understanding, you will learn what healthy boundaries are and how to establish them.  This bolsters safety and confidence within yourself (you’ve got your own back) and strengthens your relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. 

From here, it will be easy for you to shift your limiting beliefs into empowering ones, which will lead to an entirely new and more positive experience of life on all levels. 

Step 5: Creating a New Story

You’ll use all you’ve learned in Steps 1-4 to write a new story for yourself and your future, one you can embody and live using the Tony Robbins Four Keys to Effective Imagery Technique as well as our proven visualization strategies. 

Let’s dive into Module 4.