Module 8 Overview: Living The Adrenal ReCode

Welcome to Module 8, where we discuss how to live The Adrenal ReCode.

We’ll evaluate your progress again and then write a new story by adding visualization to it in order to lock in the transformational emotional work you’ve so bravely done.

Then, we’ll discuss all the physical, clinical, and emotional tools you have in your toolkit to use as life marches on as well as how to use your temperature and pulse logs for continued progress and as a tool for lifelong balance.

You’ll get supplement guidance in this module, as well.

In Module 8, You’ll Learn:

  • Where you fall now on the physical and emotional wheel of life, by filling it out for the third and final time.
  • How to write your new story.
  • Visualization and Imagery to reinforce your new story.
  • Physical and emotional reinforcement techniques.
  • Clinical tips for using temperature and pulse post-Adrenal ReCode. 
  • Post-Adrenal ReCode supplements guidance.

Module 8 Lessons:

Adrenal ReCode Action Items:

  1. Fill out your physical and emotional wheels of life Charts for the third time and then compare them with the previous two charts.

Download The Following: