Module 4 Overview: The Journey (Emotional Repatterning)

Congratulations! You made it to Part 2 of The Adrenal ReCode.

Now you’re ready to dive into Emotionally ReCoding in Module 4 where we focus on how to identify and examine limiting belief systems with Tammera Logan, our Tony Robbins life coach. 

In Module 4, You’ll Learn:

  • Part 2 of the journey to mental and emotional resilience. 
  • Re-evaluate the physical and emotional wheels of life to check our progress.
  • What limiting beliefs are and how they’re formed.
  • The difference between your Memorized/Habitual Self and your Present/True Self.
  • How to identify and work on the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in nervous system dysfunction.
  • A six-step process to examine your beliefs so that you can start to shift them.
  • A simple but effective six-step process to interrupt limiting beliefs.
  • Reinforcement techniques to continue the interruption practice.
  • Step 3 to customizing your macronutrients.

Module 4 Lessons:

Adrenal ReCode Action Items:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Download Our Deepest Fear handout and post somewhere as a reminder that you are powerful and meant to shine.
  3. Download and fill in your second Emotional Wheel of Life & Physical Wheels of Life charts.
  4. This is a consecutive learning module, which means that each lesson builds on the one before to help you understand and implement the information and strategies you need before moving onto the next module.

Download The Following: