Module 3 - Lesson 4: Redefining & Customizing Your Macronutrients: Steps 1 & 2

Redefining & Customizing Macronutrients

Customizing Macronutrients Step 1: Logging Your Macros

Customizing Macronutrients Step 2: Manipulating Your Macros

How To Use The Online Logging App

Adrenal ReCode Action Items:

  1. This lesson has a lot of new information, so watch and read the handouts more than once if you need to in order to really understand about macros and how to customize them to meet your unique needs.
  2. It’s time to really figure out how each meal is balanced and get in the healing zone with our help in the implementation webinars. Have patience with this process - it’s worth it.
  3. Watch all 3 macro videos and read the accompanying handouts, so you understand where the strategy goes from here. It’s a good idea to keep a pen handy to make notes as you watch the videos.
  4. In this module and throughout the rest of the program you’ll switch to logging your macronutrient intake using both your Macronutrient Grams Cheat Sheet handout and the Food & Mood Log With Macros online app which has pre-calculated macros for all the Adrenal ReCode recipes, snacks, and meals already preloaded to make logging easy.
  5. Using the Food & Mood Log With Macros app you’ll continue to log your food & mood for 3 consecutive days each week.  To access the logging app click the LOGS Tab in the navigation menu.

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