Module 3 Overview: Breathing, Movement, Sleep & Macronutrients

Let’s dive Into Breathing, Movement, Sleep and Macronutrients!

Now that you have some understanding and experience Establishing Your Baseline, it’s time to incorporate Adrenal ReCode-approved breathing, movement, and sleep routines into your week.

We’ll also dive deeper into customizing your macronutrient profile so it’s more specific to the current requirements of your cells. 

In Module 3, You’ll Learn:

  • How and why breathing is ⅓ of your healing process, plus three Adrenal ReCode breathing practices to work into your daily routine to help get more oxygen into your cells while creating a rest-and-digest (parasympathetic) dominant state.
  • Which three types of movement we want you to practice to further implement your Adrenal ReCode process.
  • A 5-step routine guaranteed to improve your sleep quality and get you sleeping more deeply.
  • Our in-depth strategy behind each macronutrient.
  • The first 2 steps to customizing your macronutrient intake specific to the needs of your cells.
  • How to use your Food Log with Macros to log your meals with grams of protein, carbs, and fats for greater visibility into your health.

Module 3 Lessons:

Adrenal ReCode Action Items:

  1. This is a consecutive learning module, which means that each lesson builds on the one before to help you understand and implement the information and strategies you need before moving onto the next module.

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