Module 2 - Lesson 1: 7 Daily Doses, Recipes & Dietary Guidelines

7 Daily Doses

How To Use Your Dietary Guidelines

Adrenal ReCode Recipe, Snack & Meal Ideas

Adrenal ReCode Action Items:

  1. Watch the videos.
  2. Read all the handouts.
  3. Start to integrate the 7 Daily Doses into your day for quicker results.
  4. Make sure to thoroughly read your Food List Dietary Guidelines handout. It is packed with all the information you need to effectively execute your dietary guidelines, which you’ll begin doing this week.
  5. Plan your weekly menu, food frequency, and portion size using the handouts: Sample Meal Plans, Adrenal ReCode Recipes, Additional Meals & Snack Ideas, and Food List Dietary Guidelines. At first, this will take some time, but it will become quicker and easier as you make this a new healthy habit.
  6. Incorporate walking into your day if you’d like to add an Adrenal ReCode-approved movement into your routine at this point.  
  7. Use the Module 2 Adrenal ReCode Mantras & Playlist handout to help you stay positively focused and trust the process as you make your way through the program.

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