Module 2 Overview: Real-Time Feedback & Assessment Tools

Great job finishing Module 1 of the program!

You should now have a solid understanding of our six-pillar clinical strategy, tips to create healthy habits and make successful long-term health changes, and what your daily routine is going to be.

You have metabolic {easy-to-digest] Adrenal ReCode-approved foods in your kitchen that you know you can successfully eat without issues.

In Module 2, You’ll Learn:

  • A wide variety of healthy, Adrenal ReCode-approved recipes, meal and snack ideas to keep you happy and satisfied while recoding yourself.
  • Meals you can have if you wake up with or without an appetite.
  • How to mix and match your meals based upon which foods you can easily digest and help you feel good when you eat them. 
  • Sample meal plans to help you put your meals together.
  • Exact dietary guidelines for each of the food groups on your food list, plus instructions for how often to eat, what to eat, portion size, and what food frequency will work best for you.
  • Your 7 Daily Doses of power foods to be used to expedite your progress.
  • How to take your temperature and pulse and add them to your logs to fine-tune your baseline.
  • Why your body temperature, pulse, and logs are important.
  • Using subjective and objective assessments to help you customize your program and regain your health.
  • How your physiology is and has been affected by your past.
  • Whether your body is able to withstand the stress of each day, or if your body is locked in a fight-flight-freeze dominant state, resulting in exhausted adrenals and a suppressed thyroid.

Module 2 Lessons:

Adrenal ReCode Action Items:

  1. This is a consecutive learning module, which means that each lesson builds on the one before to help you understand and implement the information and strategies you need before moving onto the next module.

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