Module 1 Intro: Welcome & The Journey


Welcome to Module 1 of The Adrenal ReCode!

We set the foundation for success by focusing on recoding your physical patterning in Modules 1-3 and you will continue to eat this way for the entire program.

This consistently interrupts and blocks the over-release of stress hormones so that you can once again feed your cells and teach them to make and burn energy efficiently.

You’ll reinforce this new, healthy energy-producing, good mood, weight balancing hormonal pattern over and over until your biochemistry shifts and a new, healthy hormonal pattern becomes normal and easy for your body to maintain.

We do this using our proven six-pillar food-based clinical strategy that will heal your adrenal glands (the gas tank of the human body), thyroid (the furnace and the thermostat of the body), brain (where hormonal balance begins), and give you an entirely new nervous system.

In Module 1, You’ll Learn:

  • An overview of the process you will go through in all 3 parts of The Adrenal ReCode program.
  • The best way to approach this process to achieve the results you desire.
  • Adrenal ReCode mantras and a playlist to help you stay positively focused along the journey.
  • 5 tips to help you create healthy habits and make successful long-term health changes.
  • How to create an internal and external environment for healing to occur.
  • Whether you will be following the Tier 1 or Tier 2 track of The Adrenal ReCode and what that means for your diet, food frequency, and lifestyle.
  • An in-depth understanding and application of our six-pillar clinical strategy to helping you establish a new physiological foundation.
  • How to assess your physical and emotional health to hone in on the best starting point for you.
  • How to shop and eat from the Adrenal ReCode-approved food list.
  • Which supplements can best support your healing journey and why.
  • How to customize supplements to your health goals.
  • How to establish your baseline.
  • Adrenal ReCode action items to help you start to create a radical positive change in your health.

Module 1 Lessons:

Adrenal ReCode Action Items:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Download and read the Welcome & The Journey handout to get an overview and prepare for the journey ahead.
  3. This is a consecutive learning module, which means that each lesson builds on the one before to help you understand and implement the information and strategies you need before moving onto the next module.

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