How To Use The Online Logging App

Action Items:

  1. Watch the video and read the accompanying handout.
  2. In Module 1 & 2, we need to create a snapshot of where you are now. You’ll be using our Food & Mood Log Without Macronutrients (grams of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) online app to simply get into the essential habit of scheduling 3 consecutive days of logging into your week and doing it. Logging is an invaluable tool we use throughout the program to gather important information about what you’re eating,  when you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and how you feel after eating. We need all of this consistent information weekly to help establish your baseline for you to build and create a nutritional foundation and lifestyle that supports and heals you at your deepest level.
  3. In Module 3, you’ll switch gears and start using the Food & Mood Log With Macros app that is programmed to auto-populate every Adrenal ReCode food, recipe, meal, and snack macros.
  4. All of your logs from day 1 are recorded in your My Daily Logs app and available for you to review your food and mood trends and patterns at any time.

Download The Following: